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The Metaverse Mania: A Closer Look at NFT Casinos

The gambling industry has gone through several shifts during the past decades, from land-based casinos to online casino sites – and now to the Metaverse space. We look at NFT casinos and Metaverse gaming floors and what picture of the future they paint.

17/06/2022 - 9:15 AM

Exploring the Connection between Gambling Addiction and Substance Abuse

Gambling addiction is often accompanied by various substance uses and abuses. These substances include caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other allowed or prohibited stimulants. Learn more about the connection between two types of addiction.

27/05/2022 - 10:50 AM

Why Gambling is So Pleasant - A Story about Dopamine

Dopamine is a powerful chemical messenger and it is released both when we win or chase losses. We may easily develop a gambling addiction unless understanding the chemistry behind that and act responsibly.

19/05/2022 - 3:31 PM

Negative Psychological Effects of Problem & Compulsive Gambling

Your favourite gambling action may be a bit too complicated if you choose to ignore any of the warning signs. We intend to explore the negative effects of gambling and equip you, the player, with essential knowledge to avoid danger

19/05/2022 - 2:24 PM

Attention, Slot Players! Online Casinos are using Reduced RTP Online Slot Versions

Warning to all slot players! Something is rotten in the state of online casinos, and players need to be aware of it. Did you know that online casinos are switching to nerfed slots with lowered RTPs? Read more and protect yourself!

06/04/2022 - 1:32 PM