Decentralized Applications: Exploring DApp Casino Games!

The iGaming industry is undergoing incredible technological shifts. The latest revolution of DApps, running on cutting-edge blockchain tech, is building on that momentum by offering players advanced and player-focused casino games and features. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep and explore the definition of DApps, the benefits, and applications in the gambling universe.

What's a DApp?

DApp is the acronym for decentralized application. However, before we learn about it, let's first define the term "decentralized" to paint a vivid picture. If something is decentralized, no single person, entity, or authority can manage or control it

So, decentralized apps (DApps) are similar to regular applications except that they run on the blockchain network. That means these apps aren't owned by individual entities but are powered and owned by the community of users. To simplify, DApps are digital applications operating on a peer-to-peer (P2P) or distributed network.

How Decentralized Apps Work

To understand how DApps function, let's see how their counterparts, centralized apps operate. Centralized platforms are the opposite of decentralized apps, meaning a single entity, like a government, owns and manages it. That's possible because centralized systems only have a single node (server) that facilitates communication among system users.

Therefore, the single node makes it easy for an authority to control operations. Take, for example, conventional banking systems running on a centralized system. The main system admin can initiate changes affecting users with a click of a button. In addition, the centralized system is prone to hacking. So, all users will experience problems if the primary client node is hacked.

DApps are decentralized systems that, unlike their counterpart, have no central server. Instead, DApps have scores of data centers that spread communication across multiple nodes in the network. Since there's no single server, decentralized systems are sophisticated, making hacking impossible. Additionally, if a single node is affected, the others will continue operating, thus sustaining the system. 

Decentralized Applications and Gambling

The online gambling industry seems to benefit the most from advancements in technology. One can argue that technology and gambling are part of the same jigsaw as one spurs the growth and application of the other. The concept of DApps has many applications in the gambling world, especially since they embrace the same blockchain technology, which has revolutionized the niche.

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A great example is Decentraland, a virtual reality platform that allows players to play casino games in a virtual space owned by users while earning token incentives. Also, many DApp casinos provide players with efficient payment systems and provably fair games.

To gamble in decentralized casinos, you'll need to create a crypto wallet like MetaMask. That allows you to seamlessly deposit, play casino games, and withdraw your funds with no extra hassle of processing times and KYC verification. That's another exemplary implementation of DApps in the gambling niche. These decentralized finance (DeFi) apps help players to manage their bankrolls efficiently while still efficiently trading to earn tokens.

Notably, most DApps run on the Ethereum blockchain since it's more affordable, provides numerous creation tools, and boasts an incredible community of users. Nonetheless, there are other blockchain networks like EOS and TRON that are garnering traction and will offer diversity.

DApp Casino Games

What are DApp-powered casino games, you ask? Well, we already know what DApps are, and the definition of DApp casino games cannot stray far away. Ideally, they're similar to regular casino games but run on the cryptographic algorithm.

You may ask what the difference between the games you play at various crypto casinos is. The difference is that you use crypto as a payment method at regular crypto casinos. In contrast, DApp casino games 100% run on the blockchain and are powered by smart contracts. Therefore, actual gameplay takes place on DApp casinos.

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DApp casino games provide an utterly transparent gaming experience since all gamblers can view the immutable public ledger. These games also have a provably fair algorithm that allows players to verify all game outcomes. The range of DApp casino games ranges from slots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat to poker and scratch cards

Advantages of Playing DApp Casino Games

Throughout this post, we've seen how DApps are efficient and offer multiple benefits. Thus, when playing DApp-powered casino games, you can expect similar merits and more. Below, we'll examine the advantages of playing such casino games.

1.     Provably Fair and 100% Trustless

DApp casino games store every bet outcome on the blockchain network, and it's available for all players to view on the public ledger. Due to the security proficiency of blockchain and because you can verify the result of every bet, cheating or manipulating games is impossible. Moreover, transparency extends to your deposits and withdrawals. As a result, cases of disappearing funds are eliminated.

2.     Low Transaction Fees

Since you're playing these games on the decentralized blockchain network, no one religiously controls deposit and withdrawal fees. With most DApp games on the quite affordable Ethereum network, players will likely incur little to zero transaction costs for deposits and withdrawals.

3.     Fast and Guaranteed Cashouts

Conventionally, players always encounter problems while cashing out. These can include anything from KYC verification holds to slow casino processing times. However, while playing DApp casino games, you can immediately request and receive your payouts. That's possible because DApps use smart contracts which eliminate 3rd party interference that commonly causes payout delays. Also, since you use crypto wallets within the network, you don't have to initiate hectic cashout procedures. It's seamless and fast!

4.     Games Don't Fail

Earlier, we learned how decentralized systems wouldn't fail or experience downtimes due to one node experiencing issues. The same applies to DApp casino games. You've either heard of or experienced game failure while playing at regular online casinos. Since DApp games don't rely on one central server, theoretically, they can't freeze or malfunction.

5.     Privacy and Anonymity

DApp casino games allow you to enjoy gaming without compromising your private life. Thanks to smart cryptographic contracts, you don't need to prove your ID and address or share your banking information. That allows you to stay anonymous without fear of tracking. Moreover, blockchain technology is virtually impenetrable. Hence, you can enjoy gaming without fear of hacks and unauthorized access.

Disadvantages of DApp Casino Games

With all the benefits DApp games offer, it's unfortunate that there are a few associated demerits. Nonetheless, they aren't so grave and will indeed find solutions in the future.

  1. Not every gambler is well-versed with DApps and blockchain technology components like creating a crypto wallet, purchasing cryptocurrencies, and withdrawing to respective wallets. Therefore, that limits some players from embracing and enjoying the technology.

  2. The variety and amount of DApp games available are currently low compared to the selection in regular online casinos since the technology hasn't yet witnessed global adoption.


Decentralized applications are indeed a game-changer in the gambling scene. In conjunction with blockchain technology, they're providing explosive solutions to the problems gamblers face while playing regular online casino games. Some exciting perks include non-malfunctioning games, trustless and provably fair games, and super-sonic withdrawals.

Unfortunately, the number of DApp gambling platforms currently isn't jaw-dropping. Still, they're bound to multiply as the industry incorporates the adoption of DApps.