Checking Out The Online Gambling Advantages Over The Land Based Casinos In 2020

The first online casinos in the late 90s were designed to meet the ever-growing demand of Internet users interested in some cheap entertainment. Back then, the range of games was limited while the platforms were quite simplistic in design without much thought given to user experience, overall.

Much has changed since then. The online gambling industry has evolved to the point it can outmatch its brick-and-mortar counterpart.

Benefits of Online Gaming – Laptop and Credit Card

Indeed, many will argue playing on the top online casinos in 2020 is a much more fun, convenient, and secure experience compared to gambling in traditional casinos. We also agree with this opinion & to convince you, as well, we have made a list of the main online gambling advantages and why you should choose the virtual casino operators over the real life physical ones.

Significantly Lower Entry Point

In trading, the entry point refers to the initial price at which an investor buys or sells an asset with the expectation of turning a profit. Depending on the asset and some other complex factors like leverage, the entry point can be high – in other words, a large investment is required – or low – the investor can buy or sell at a much lower cost.

Till a point, gambling resembles trading; the player also invests a sum of money with the expectation of a profit, in the end. Moreover, gambling has an entry point that not everyone can achieve, as in trading.

Architecture Busy Nigh Street Casino

With land based casinos, the entry point is quite high. In many cases, the player doesn’t live near a casino, thus, he or she needs to pay for both travel & accommodation. The real money stakes are also significantly higher compared to an online platform because there are many other costs involved that are quite specific to a physical location & business like rent, electricity, salaries, security, etc.

The online gambling platforms don’t have such expenses, therefore they can afford to offer much lower stakes – pennies, even – on all their online casino games & slots. If we also add the savings the player makes by simply staying at home & just turning on his/her PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, then we can safely state the online casinos have a significantly lower entry point compared to the land-based gaming operators.

Unprecedented Variety

The largest casino in the world, located in Oklahoma, USA, WinStar World Casino has around 600,000 square feet or over 55,000 square meters offering over 7,000 gaming machines and around 100 table games. Sure, this tops almost all online gaming platforms up there, in terms of variety, but you have to consider WinStar is just one casino, located very far away for most of us.

The number three casino in the world, City of Dreams in Macau has around 420,000 square feet or almost 40,000 square meters and is host to about 1,514 gambling machines. Already, you will find many great online casinos that offer over 2,000 online slots & table games in 2020. They are not located in some specific regions of the world like the US or Macau, they are online accessible with just a click or a touch, from almost anywhere around the world.

Huge range of online casino games

Obviously, most brick-and-mortar casinos are much smaller than the ones mentioned above and, once again, expenses play a major role. On the other hand, many online casinos compete with the top three largest gambling places in the world & offer unprecedented variety that could even make the management from the City of Dreams in Macau blush.

Instant Access & Play

You may not be close enough to WinStar World Casino, or Las Vegas, or Macau, yet you could be located near a small land based casino. Even so, you would still need to prepare yourself and waste some time traveling to that location. Moreover, you would need to register at the reception, look for an open seat at a table of your choice – get frustrated if you can’t find any – and change your money into chips before actually start playing your favorite game & enjoying yourself.

Slot Machines in a Land Based Casino

In the virtual world, you don’t have to waste that much time, energy, and money to play slots & online casino games. In fact, all you have to do is open your device of choice, load your online gaming platform, log in, and voila. You can do it from your office desk in your home, or even from bed.

Online, you will find an open seat at your favorite game, no matter the location, hour, day, or season. You can play instantly if you have the bankroll, but don’t worry if you still don’t have it. As opposed to brick-and-mortar casinos, you can use a much wider variety of payment options to buy chips or credits. You can do it with the most popular eWallets, eVouchers, and even with Bitcoin or the other popular cryptocurrencies.

The wagering options are limitless on the Internet!

Privacy & Anonymity

Whenever you want to gamble with real money, you may want some much-needed privacy or you may want to avoid some players. With traditional casinos, this isn’t quite possible. You could choose to travel to a different location, farther from home that offers exclusive amenities, yet that would mean high expenses, not to mention valuable time wasted.

If you chose an online casino platform, this wouldn’t be the case anymore. Online, you can enjoy the games in a private & anonymous way, without being bothered if that’s what you want to. Whenever you play a slot game, for example, is it as if you are the only one in a room full of slot machines. Whenever you play a table game with other players, a username will be displayed that can hide your identity from others.

You can also avoid traditional payment methods that give away your real name like credit cards and try some more anonymous options like eWallets, eVouchers, and yes, even Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. Many of the top online casinos offer Bitcoin as a payment option in 2020, so you can enjoy never-seen-before privacy & anonymity.

Important to note is that all legitimate online gaming websites will require from you an identity verification at some point, as per the current Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international legislation. This doesn’t mean your privacy & anonymity are compromised, though. All licensed online gambling platforms must verify their users are indeed of legal age and do not take advantage of their privacy in an unlawful way (e.g. multi-accounting).

Don’t worry! As long as you are playing on a licensed & audited online casino, your sensitive information about your identity will be perfectly safe.

LIVE Dealer Casinos? No Problem!

While some prefer privacy whenever they gamble, others are more outgoing and enjoy socializing with friends & even dealers. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean playing at an online casino is not an option. On the contrary!

Real Money Live Dealer Blackjack

In 2020, all popular online gaming platforms have all the necessary tools to satisfy the needs of the outgoing casino players, thus, turning what was a serious con in the past into one of the most attractive pros of online gambling. Yes, this includes offering LIVE dealer games, but not just the traditional ones like blackjack, poker, baccarat, or roulette. There are also many other creative LIVE games (some Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality friendly) not available in land based casinos that will spur your imagination.

When you play these LIVE dealer casino games, you will have the possibility to ask the dealer questions and to interact with other players, as well, so you can live the full Las Vegas experience even if you are tens of thousands of miles away.

All the LIVE dealer games can be accessed and played instantly without having to wait for a seat to open up, a luxury that you won’t find in any traditional casino.

That’s what online gambling platforms are here for, you know. To offer you the best possible experience, at your convenience.

Good luck with your gaming journey!