Tips To Consider When You Search For The Safest Online Casinos In 2020


Having countless choices when you search for your default online casino is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because there is fierce competition that may push gaming operators out of their comfort zone, offering any new player great casino bonuses, FREE Spins, and other neat gimmicks. A curse because there is the possibility to make the wrong choice & encounter problems when you use the chosen platform.

Search the Web for the Safest Online Casinos in 2020

That’s why it is so important to take into consideration the tips you’re about to read. All can help you a great deal to avoid making a mistake and actually choosing the safest online casino for you, from the get-go.

Online Casino License & Legislation

The very first step you need to take to verify if an online casino is reliable or not refers to its gambling license.

Wait… before we talk about licensing, though, you should know & understand your local gambling legislation. Furthermore, you should specifically inform yourself about the status of online casinos in your country. Are they legal, to start with? If not, then you should end the search right away and reconsider your entertainment options.

Does the legislation require a special license that can be acquired from the national gaming authority? If this is the case, you won’t be able to access most online gambling platforms that are not licensed within your country but don’t rely solely on that. It is better to check what online casinos are licensed and narrow down your search considerably before taking the next step and considering playing for real money.

Online Casino License

A true reliable online casino is always transparent when it comes to its license giving detailed information about how the operator obtained it, when & where. Usually, you’ll see this info related to licensing - the company’s registration number, full address, license number, all easily-verifiable online  - in the footer of the homepage, as well as on the ‘About’ page.

If you can’t find this info, we strongly advise you to stay away from that platform and avoid possible future complications related to accessibility, payments, and so on.

Online Casino Privacy & Security

All top online casinos have a ‘Privacy Policy’ page in which they describe how they collect information about their casino players & how this information is used. While most information you find there is pretty much standard similar to all other websites, your chosen online gaming platform should also have a section about Privacy & Security.

Your chosen operator should guarantee the strict confidentiality of your casino account balance, big wins, and withdrawals.

Most likely, as per today’s Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) international legislation, you will have to provide sensitive information about your real-life identity to fully unlock your account, therefore the website must use the HTTPS or HTTP Secure protocol in all instances, whether you are logged in or not. This type of protocol is cryptographic-proof using strong public-key encryption that significantly secures all data exchanges between your side and the casino server.

Cyber-security Online Worldwide

It is important to note that if your online casino does not verify the identity of its users, then you should expect breaches in how the platform operates that have serious legal repercussions such as under-aged gambling, multi-accounting, etc.

Casino Reviews

Luckily for you, with the boom of the online gambling industry, many websites have emerged that review online casinos or let users leave feedback about how a certain online gaming platform operates.

Bear in mind some websites have an interest in pointing you not necessarily in the right direction for you but in the right direction for them. In other words, their best casino reviews will be biased as they will promote the platforms with the highest affiliate marketing payout rather than the truly best.

Sure, these websites will also give you some valuable insights regarding the real money stakes, the wagering options, the range of games, etc. The customers, however, will provide you with the most reliable and objective feedback. Look at what the casino players have to say, read each experience for the pros and cons of choosing a given online gaming website, and take a look at the overall general feeling. Are users satisfied with the online casino in question? What are the most common problems the users are writing about?

Online Review Satisfied Check

Answer these questions and make a giant leap towards finding the online casino that suits your needs best.

Online Casino Terms & Conditions

Another important tip when you first look at the homepage of a gambling operator is to check the Terms and Conditions page. Like with the Privacy Policy, this page is a must-have for any reliable casino website.

Most importantly, you should check its content or how transparent & straightforward the information is. Are there any eligibility issues or restrictions? Is there a section related to real money deposits & withdrawals – limits, terms, etc?

Moreover, since you most likely want to start playing having the best resources at hand, you’ll be on the lookout for a special welcome package or first deposit casino bonus. Maybe you are interested in a no-deposit bonus just to get a feel of what gambling on a specific platform is like. No matter the reason, you will need to read & understand the wagering requirements for the bonus that usually comes with the Terms and Conditions page. Are the terms easy to understand? Are they fair to you?

Look at the Casino Bonuses & Promotions page, also, for more specific wagering options. Each bonus – including the first-deposit one – should have included its own terms that describe how you can redeem it.

Responsible Gambling First & Foremost

Last but definitely not least, you should check how the chosen online casino treats the elephant in the room that is the gambling addiction.

All online casino games & slots can be addictive especially if there is no control.

Online gambling platforms should thoroughly verify the age of each user & ban anyone who doesn’t meet the legal age. That is why it is very important to play on online casinos that respect the KYC and AML legislation.

In addition, whenever a user seeks help as he or she feels gambling negatively affects his/her life, the online gaming operator should respond immediately and help the user by restricting his/her access to certain games or the platform, if necessary.

The online casino of your choosing must also be responsible and respect its players’ requests whenever possible as a step to empower them and let them take control of their own lives.

This is what a reliable partner does & this is the partner you should look for when you search for a gaming platform to play on.

Stay safe out there!